Two webcasts explore the impact of 'Smarter Document Management'. Xerox's "smarter document management" strategies employ a range of document technologies, software and consulting services to help customers reduce costs, streamline operations, and simplify how they work with information and documents. The first session is today at 14:00 Eastern Time, with the second following on Dec 16th. Today's webcast will focus on how companies can improve the creation, dissemination and readability of maintenance and engineering advisories - business-critical documents that drive regulatory compliance, worker productivity and overall efficiency. In industries such as manufacturing, transportation, aerospace and petrochemical production, companies rely on maintenance and engineering advisories to keep mechanics, inspectors and engineers informed of critical process changes and best practices. These advisories are typically subject to manual writing processes and a lengthy approval process. The webcast will describe how Xerox's Maintenance and Engineering Advisory Solution and Microsoft(R) Office Word 2003 software are helping companies take control of this vital process and achieve results that impact the bottom line and meet regulatory requirements. Leading the webcast is Dan Keating, managing principal, Xerox Global Services, who has more than 17 years of experience in implementing solutions to support critical business processes for industries such as manufacturing, chemical and transportation. Register Here. On Thursday, Dec. 16, Xerox will host a second webcast directed to manufacturers of high technology products and equipment who face the challenge of maintaining and sharing product-specific technical information. Often, technical information is out of synch with engineering information, and inaccurate product datasheets can lead to inefficiencies, product returns and even litigation. This session will discuss how Xerox's Enterprise Publishing Solution and Microsoft Office Word 2003 can help improve the accuracy of technical publications, which in turn can accelerate time-to-market, improve worker productivity, and lower support and service costs. Leading this webcast is Paul Wlodarczyk, service line manager, Xerox Global Services, who has more than 20 years of IT experience and is a frequent speaker on technical communications. Register for the second event.