As 4G networks from Verizon (news, site) roll out in major metropolises, getting access to -- and marketing your data as -- on-the-go is now a realistic possibility.

Is Evolution Revolution?

Long Term Evolution has long been touted as the wireless broadband solution of the future. Trouble is, so has WiMAX, LTE Advanced, WiMAX2, public Wi-Fi and others. The wait is finally over however, the solution is here -- in the real world -- after years of trials and testing.

LTE from Verizon offers speeds ranging from 5 to 12 megabits per second download and up to 5Mbps upload. You can access this torrent of data through a forthcoming range of 4G phones and it is currently available through an LG USB dongle for laptops, ideal for web workers.


Get high-speed data on your laptop and on the go

4G In the City

4G is currently available in 39 cities from New York to Nashville, from Dallas to San Jose, covering a third of the population plus most major airports. With a nationwide rollout by 2013, 4G offers not only faster speed but wider benefits.

For a start, business with larger data files will have no trouble sharing PowerPoint presentations with users. Also, mobile or remote offices can be set up without requiring any infrastructure and the dongles can be set up (on Windows-based PCs) with no need for tech support.

Web Business Goes Anywhere

For knowledge workers, web creatives and others, it also opens up the possibility of working anywhere on any part of a system, no matter how complex or sizeable. With back-ends to CMSs capable of being dog-slow when accessed in particular ways, hopefully 4G can improve the situation for a lot of users.

The dongle is currently available for US$ 149 with a US$ 50 dollar rebate when singing up for a two-year 4G data plan.

Do you think 4G will be useful to you, or could improve the way you work? Have you tried it and has it lived up to your expectations? Let us know in the comments.