Google showed love for both businesses and communities this week with the release of a collaboration enhancement for Docs called Discussions, and the announcement of a new nonprofits program. 

Google Discussions

Google stepped up its enterprise collaboration game in a big way this week with Discussions, a comments feature within Google Docs. The addition integrates structured discussions, a unified discussion stream, time stamps, profile pictures, @mentions and e-mail notifications. Should the stream get too big, comments can now be resolved instead of deleted. This is great for conserving screen real estate without losing information that you might want to access later. 

Discussions applies only to newly created documents, and is rolling out now to everyone with a personal Google Account as well as to Google Apps customers, so keep an eye out.

Google for Nonprofits

The Internet giant showed a lot of heart with the announcement of  its new Nonprofits program, which aims to help U.S.-based nonprofits reach more donors, improve operations and raise awareness for their cause.

"Over time, we’ve learned that many nonprofits require hands-on assistance to optimize the use of Google tools," wrote Alfred Spector, Google's VP of Research and Special Initiatives.

The program brings with it a Google Nonprofits Marketplace, which connects organizations with certified professional providers offering their services for a free or discounted rate. 

"We’re inspired and humbled by the amazing ways nonprofits make positive changes to our world and look forward to supporting their work," continued Spector. "If you work for a nonprofit, apply today to see how Google can help your organization grow and expand your impact."

Blogger in 2011

In 2010, Google claims it succeeded in cementing Blogger as "one of the largest blogging platforms and the sixth largest website in the world." In 2011, the company intends to raise the bar with an updated user interface that utilizes the Google Web Toolkit.

Another feature to look forward to is a new content discovery tool that  enables users to uncover content based on the topics of the blog they're currently reading. 

Here's a quick and dirty peek and what's coming up: