Looks like dear ol' Uncle G is off to a rough start this year, kids. Business at the Chrome store has been slow going, experts are saying it's time Google's social efforts are put to an end, and Apple has formally stepped into the Enterprise ring. 

Google to Officially Lose Out On Social

So, to say that Google has been unsuccessful in the social realm would be an understatement, right? Wave totally bit it, Buzz has had lukewarm reception, and we're still not sure whether or not the Internet giant's rumored social network will amount to anything more than a pipe dream.

Accordingly, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster says Google is on the verge of giving up. "The reality is they can't recreate the social graph that's basically won by Facebook," he said in a recent interview with Bloomberg News. The statement is hard to argue and echoes many a sentiment from experts over the last year — especially since Wave's demise — but does that have to mean total annihilation?



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Take a Long Lunch, Google 

Google finally opened its highly anticipated Chrome Web store early last month, allowing Chrome users to download both free and paid applications into the browser. So far the numbers aren't reflecting the hype. Could it be because of the holidays? Perhaps. Or maybe it's because Big G isn't up on its marketing game. 

"Google hasn’t done much to expose the Web Store to users," writes Jason Kincaid of TechCrunch. "In fact, the current stable release of Chrome still doesn’t actually feature the Chrome Web Store anywhere — it only shows up if you go to the Web Store directly and install an application."

On the up side, free applications like Quick Note (which has 8,000 installs this week alone) are off to a happy start.


Enterprise + Apple

Google's really only had to worry about Microsoft's presence in the Enterprise space. Until now, that is. Earlier this week Apple sent an e-mail out to its fans, officially proclaiming its re-entrance into the Enterprise. 

We can't help but wonder whether or not Apple will be able to survive in this atmosphere. The company has certainly established a level of respect worthy of a decent following off the bat, but it has also been historically rigid with innovation and timelines. 

In any case, it'll be interesting to see how Google reacts to the new competition. Perhaps some migration tools specifically designed to bring Apple users to Google are in our near future.