Adobe (news, site) has an update to its cloud based file transfer service, Adobe SendNow. But today's update is just the start of what's coming. Let's have a look.

File Transfers in the Cloud

Getting documents and other files to your clients or to share amongst widely dispersed employees who aren't always in the office cubicle use to be a bit of a pain. Then file transfer services like DropBox and YouSendIt came along. Adobe also offered up its own enterprise version, Adobe SendNow, in November of last year. Now come some updates that improve its usability and enterprise level features.

Audio & Video Support

As of today, SendNow also supports the sharing of both audio and video files. Upload any popular media type and easily get to the right people.

Adobe SendNow

Brand Your Experience

If you think support for audio and video is great, then you should be excited to hear what's coming in June. Users of the Basic or Plus accounts for SendNow (not the Free account), will be able to add their own logo to their SendNow notifications.

Adobe Senior Product Marketing Manager, William Lau, says that this is a clear differentiator for SendNow from other similar services, which enables organizations to present a very professional image. This is not exactly true as we will see shortly.


Adobe SendNow - Branded Notification

and the view from your mobile:


Adobe SendNow - Mobile View

Work From your Desktop

Finally, coming in Q3 this year, a free desktop app -- available to all SendNow plans -- that allows you to quickly start to transfer files from your desktop.


Adobe SendNow comes in three different plans, as we have indicated, including the free plan (or trial) with 500 mb storage and a 100mb file size limit, to two paid plans:

  • Basic: US 9.99/month; 2GB file size limit with tracking; 5GB storage
  • Plus: US 19.99/month; 2GB file size limit with tracking; 20GBstorage

These prices have not changed with the additional features.

SendStuffNow Adds Features Too

Smith Micro, the creator of the cloud based file transfer service SendStuffNow, also gave its solution an upgrade with the following new features:

  • New inbox feature allows users to both send and receive files
  • Users can receive files from non-account holders via new Upload Access feature
  • Customization of file download pages -- for a branded look
  • Integration with Active Directory

So Adobe SendNow isn't the only, or the first, vendor to provide that branded look, but it is good to note that Adobe SendNow requires no downloads or desktop apps to work.