Adobe releases LiveCycle ES Developer Express for Amazon Web Services
Adobe has created a virtual development playground combining the use of LiveCycle Developer Express and Amazon Web Services. The goal is to provide developers an environment in which they can easily and quickly build and test enterprise applications. No longer will developers have to wait endless amounts of time to reboot server instances when working.

Adobe Systems Incorporated has announced the release of LiveCycle ES Developer Express hosted in the Amazon Web Services cloud computing environment. Based on a framework that uses the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) technologies, Adobe is offering a way for developers to develop and test LiveCycle applications in a virtual environment without the need to install and configure Adobe LiveCycle ES themselves.

For those unfamiliar, Adobe LiveCycle ES is a server solution that combines data capture, information assurance, document output, process management and content services.

Developers who, in the past, needed to build their own development environment or create their own test lab, now have the option of doing it all in a space created for them. And those already using setups like this no longer need to deal with the headaches of running their own environment.

Adobe LiveCycle Developer via Amazon Web Services

The combination of Adobe LiveCycle ES and Amazons Web Services environment, aside from providing a testing ground set up for you, also helps reduce server instance reboots to minutes. Before, developers could spend half their day dealing with rebooting. Now they can quickly and easily build, modify, test and finalize their enterprise applications. Old projects can be deleted or saved for future use.

Adobe LiveCycle ES Developer Express is available right now to any and all members of the Adobe Enterprise Developer Program.

As always, Adobe strives to create solutions that enable easier workflows and better productivity. Their goal is to allow their product users the ability to focus on the actual solution to their individual problem instead of having to focus on the tools used to get to that solution.

The release of Adobe LiveCycle ES on Amazon Web Services does just this. Developers will now be able to focus on the work hand and not the issues related to the work.