Atalasoft Enhances Its Web-Based Document Imaging Software
DotImage 8.0, the newest iteration of the imaging toolkit for .NET developers, was kicked out by Atalasoft (news, site) last week. The updated version comes with nifty additions like Silverlight controls, barcode writing capabilities and support for TWAIN 2.0.

Atalasoft Adventures

If you're a document imaging fankid, you may recognize Atalasoft for being the mastermind behind Vizit SP, their fairly popular image viewer for SharePoint. Since 2000, the company has spent its days working on solutions of the same nature and serving up imaging .NET software toolkits and modules to the ECM market. Their .NET Framework imaging libraries aim to please authors of document processing/management systems and photographic imaging.

Seemingly tackling the same goal from every angle possible, the company also recently partnered with Psigen Software in order to offer an affordable end-to-end solution for all organizations (we're still waiting on that one).


DotImage, Atalasoft's flagship solution, injects advanced imaging capabilities directly into applications. DotImage 8.0 demonstrates the company’s ability to roll right along with the current trends by including popular tools such as Microsoft Silverlight. The new viewing capability supports various formats including TIFF, PDF, PDF/A, JPEG, CAD/CAM, and DICOM. Annotating controls for markup and drawing objects onto an image or document are also now featured, along with a new barcode writing toolkit and TWAIN support for capturing digital images from cameras, scanners and other devices.

Atalasoft has gone the extra mile with this release by also expanding their support and maintenance program. Every copy of the new DotImage and its add-ons is now delivered with an entire year of priority support. This includes telephone support with Atalasoft's Massachusetts-based .NET and imaging specialists, priority in the support queue, and free product upgrades for the duration of the maintenance contract.

"Atalasoft is committed to bringing the developer community the best tools and support possible while keeping our components reasonably priced," said William Bither, Founder & CEO of Atalasoft. “Reasonably priced” is defined by Atalasoft as anywhere between US$ 900 and US$ 3,000 for each SDK or add on with a single license.

Change Your Image...On a Trial Basis

Atalasoft's figures, while affordable for some, may be too steep for others without a little bit more convincing. Fortunately there are other perks to the new DotImage 8.0, like a revised license agreement which is desktop loyalty free and requires additional developers in a team to pay only one third the cost of the initial license. 

If you're still on the fence, sacrifice 73 megabytes and download the trial version of the SDK here. Atalasoft offers weekly training seminars as well as the option to schedule a one on one session for newcomers.