After a limited teaser release earlier this year, Google has officially kicked out its Apps Script functionality for enterprise users.

The script enables the automation of a variety of features in Google Apps, such as reading and changing values in Google Spreadsheets, creating Google Calendar appointments, and sending e-mail.

Big G sounds pretty excited about the the whole thing:

"Back in May we announced a pilot release of Google Apps Script, and after thousands of hours of use, and lots of valuable feedback, we're excited to launch Google Apps Script to all Google Apps Premier and Education Edition customers today," writes Evin Levey, Google Apps products manager.

Check out the overview video (which came along with the teaser) for a detailed explanation:



Essentially, the script streamlines a bunch of stuff and saves a bunch of time. Levey’s example cites a “bureaucracy-busting Expense Approval Script” which allows:

  • automatically converting foreign currency amounts to local currency
  • looking up historical exchange rates from external web services
  • catching basic errors – things like missing dates, descriptions, and amounts
  • triggering business logic to flag certain expense categories 'For Review'

"Even more useful, the script can figure out whose approvals are needed and automatically request approval from those people," he added. "And once approved, the script sends a note to the finance department for payment -- all without writing a single e-mail."

Premier and Education Edition users will find the scripts functionality through the Tools menu in the Spreadsheets application. While you tinker, keep in mind that the Apps team is waiting patiently for customer feedback and, when you get an extra minute or two, send some their way.