Backup Google Docs With Cloud Service Gladinet

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Backup Google Docs With Cloud Service Gladinet
Does fear of Google downtime haunt your company? Keep those docs safe, but widely accessible, with Gladinet's cloud desktop solution.

Bring the Clouds Home

A Cloud Desktop sounds rather oxymornic, but Gladinet's solution ties its own cloud storage, that can be linked to other services such as Google Docs, Amazon S3, Picasa and others, to your desktop. Currently available in two versions, Starter and Professional, with a Premium edition in the pipeline, it offers a cost-effective way to blend desktop and cloud together.

Virtual Drives = Clouds

The magic works as Cloud Desktop creates virtual drives on your desktop that link to the various cloud services you subscribe to. The Google Docs feature is new to version 1.2 and lets you backup your docs to a second cloud storage service, such as E3 or EMC's Atmos.

So, if Google does go down, as with the latest Gmail outage, you have a backup. You can already store Google Docs on a local desktop but that won't help other users.


Keep Google Docs in other cloud stores

Learning Opportunities

Once installed, you can access files just as if they were on your desktop. A cache maintains local copies that are updated to the cloud on a regular basis. Users can choose which drive letter the services map to and it stores all your logins as a profile, linked to your Windows' login. The profile can be encrypted to keep your cloud storage protected from other users of your PC.

Back up can be handled by dragging and dropping or you can schedule further backups. Cloud Desktop has its own Task Manager to handle these tasks.

Various Editions Available

Cloud Desktop is available for Windows, Mac and Linux and costs US$ 59.99 for a single user license or is available in volume at various discounts. There is a discount for home users at US$ 39.99 if you want to give it an unofficial tryout, or you can use the Starter Edition for free.

Only the Professional version has Google Docs backup and most of the other features including smart backups and download acceleration

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