Bitrix Releases Intranet Portal 8, Focuses on Collaboration, Culture
Bitrix's (news, site) enterprise 2.0 Intranet portal gets a big upgrade to help get both the big and little messages across the company intranet through a host of collaboration tools.

It's Getting Easier to Talk Business

By version eight of an enterprise product, you think that things would be pretty much settled and upgrades would be minor affairs. Well not in the Enterprise 2.0 era, they aren't. The latest version of Bitrix's Intranet Portal for Windows or Unix is packed with new features to expand its usefulness across the enterprise. Based on the company's Site Manager product it adds a host of extra connectivity.

Instant Messaging

The prime addition is an internal XMPP/JABBER server (apparently, the first developed in PHP) that allows online chat with any compatible messaging applications. Although this currently excludes Live Messenger, future versions of Microsoft's IM may offer wider compatibility. Users can still run Miranda IM, Trillian Pro, Adium and many others.

Presence Tracking

Another big feature is built-in presence tracking -- the system can get the message to employees wherever they are and whatever devices they have to hand.

A Personal Dashboard

Each user has a personal dashboard to manage all their contacts and information. It can show who is online, events, messages and a host of other customized information.

Outlook Integration

Also added is two-way integration with Outlook (using SOAP) allowing calendars to be synchronized between the intranet and your email app. For those appointments, meeting rooms can be booked, member's whereabouts checked to ensure everything runs smoothly, all synchronized at the touch of a button.


Each user can have a custom home page

Added Security

To help secure all these links and features, Intranet Portal features a range of security systems. The Proactive Protection Module is a robust combination of filter (Web application firewall), disposable passwords, fast and effective anti-malware, protection of authorized sessions, activity control, intrusion log and other features.

Free Trail or Virtual Lab?

Companies looking to improve their productivity can give Intranet Portal 8.0 a test with the 30-day free trial. There is even an online virtual lab where you can test out the features without having to install anything on your own systems.

Prices start from US$ 1,299 for 25 users with additional users at US$ 20 each, though volume discounts are available.