GX Software (news, site), producer of online marketing software, has announced the latest release of its BlueConic multichannel online engagement platform. The company is the latest to embrace mobile and social in its tools with the latest round of enhancements.

BlueConic Multichannel Engagement, Now with Mobile, Social

BlueConic is GX Software’s real-time, multichannel online engagement platform. The product allows marketers to communicate and establish relationships with customers across multiple channels such as corporate website, e-commerce  or self-service portals. Organizations can begin an interaction in one channel and continue it in a different one -- a challenge for many companies that are unable to detect that an interaction involves the same customer.

BlueConic captures the online behavior of visitors and stores it in a profile. Over time, as individuals interact with your websites or other channels, BlueConic augments the profile, providing organizations with one source of information about a customer.


BlueConic dashboard

Now, GX Software has added support for:

  • Social channels such as Facebook and Twitter
  • One-on-one email communication
  • Mobile apps and devices such as the iPhone and iPad

As more customers leverage smart phones and tablet devices, this will become an increasingly important feature for online marketing solutions. BlueConic’s latest release also includes:

  • Real-time customer insights -- Progressive profiling that composes one profile across all channels
  • Orchestrated Interactions -- Includes many preconfigured interaction orchestrations that span interaction channels
  • Campaign Performance Metrics -- Provides marketers insight on the best-performing campaigns, customer segments, brands and dialogues
  • Global marketing organization support -- Includes internationalization support so marketers can interact in all languages and display regional settings for time zones, currency and date and time

A list of features in BlueConic is available on the GX Software site.

BlueConic is a standalone product, independent of its existing web content management solutions. It is available as on-premise solution or as a service in a private cloud. According to GS Software, the product has been successfully tested on millions of user profiles, making it an option for high-traffic sites.

The Rise of Mobile, Social

Many content management, CRM and web engagement vendors are rushing to support mobile and social features in their tools. The sales of mobile devices are now outpacing traditional computer sales. Organizations can no longer online think of online experiences in terms of a customer sitting at a computer screen  -- it is becoming more likely they will be in transport using a smartphone or a tablet such as the iPad.

GX Software’s addition of mobile and social support will allow organizations to better coordinate customer engagement in all the ways that customers interact.