Adds New Collaboration Tools to Mobile Platform
There's a huge mobile market out there and Box (news, site) wants them to know they are adding tools to support them. They've released a set of collaboration tools for their mobile platform that let's you work when you want, from where you want.

Their own iPhone App

This is not Box's first foray into the world of the iPhone. They opened up an iPhone API back in September to allow developers to create iPhone applications for their mobile platform.

Now they introduce a new version of their own iPhone App, Box iPhone App 2.0. This app is available from the iTunes App Store and let's you collaborate on documents within your Box environment.


Box iPhone App 2.0

Enhancements include the ability to post, view and reply to comments on files and folders and view web bookmarks. The new version is said to be faster and have a more polished interface.

Quickoffice Integration

Not available yet, but coming is Integration with the new version of the iPhone office suite Quickoffice is now available.  With the new Quickoffice Connect you can access files on a number of cloud service providers including Box, DropBox, Google Docs and Apple MobileMe.

The Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite will costs US$ 9.99 when it becomes available and it let's work from files both locally and remotely -- with Box -- including updating and viewing Word and Excel files.

New Developer APIs

And for you OpenBox mobile developers, Box is offering up a few new APIs. Now you can integrate Box search, commenting and updating into your OpenBox applications, in addition to the sharing capabilities you had before.

If you are hanging out at MacWorld next week, you can get a first hand look at the new iPhone App. And, if you live in Silicon Valley and are driving along the 101, check out Box's latest billboard on  "why we are better that SharePoint". While we aren't inclined to agree with everything it says, the "hair loss" comment was a little amusing. Check it out.