Box.Net Offers an API for iPhone Application Developers (news, site)  has just gone mobile with the launch of a new API that will allow iPhone developers to integrate with its content management and collaboration platform.

And while OpenBox Mobile is only available forthe iPhone, the company says that it is looking at extending support to Palm webOS, Android and Blackberry.

With OpenBox Mobile, has opened up a whole new level of collaboration for iPhone users offering the ability to access all their files, share those files with anyone they chose and store as much content as they wish without breaching their iPhone limits.

iPhone Apps And

It was only a matter of time before went the mobile route. OpenBox mobile focuses on business documents like text files, PDFs images and video.

But this is no accidental coming together as the company says it has been working away behind the scenes to get this up and running.

Current iPhone apps with integration include iThoughts, Smart Recorder and ReaddleDocs, with others like Quickoffice, mySticky and JotNot on the way.

With over 50,000 businesses already sharing and collaborating through, the new iPhone abilities make this platform a whole lot more attractive.

Easy Content Access

For users this means that any of their content stored on can be accessed through whatever application they wish, edited and saved back into, even emailed.

With OpenBox Mobile they can:

  • Manage and protect all the data they create in one place.
  • Dispel with the need to sync computers and iPhone to access content.
  • Dispel with the need to divide content into that which is stored on the mobile and that which should be stored on the computer.

A Developer API

But the benefits are not all for users as developers will get theirs too.

It will, for example, lift some of the limitations of working for mobile devices, particularly the storage limitations of iPhone, and it gets around the difficulties of sharing content from mobile applications.

Want more details? Check it OpenBox Mobile for yourself.