Clearvale Social CRM Integrates Customer Engagement Channels for Better Communication #e2conf
Broadvision, makers of the Clearvale (news, site) set of enterprise collaboration applications, has announced the release of its latest social CRM solution. The latest update to Clearvale focuses on integrating customer engagement channels and internal collaboration channels for an ecosystem both within and outside of the enterprise.

Uniting Networks Into One Ecosystem

Broadvision believes that social CRM does not just involve adding social streams to a traditional CRM system, nor does it only involve using social media for customer management. Rather, Clearvale's social CRM offering involves giving all stakeholders the opportunity to communicate and collaborate, turning the business, customer and vendor subsets into an interconnected ecosystem of enterprise social networks.

What social CRM looks like

What social CRM looks like

Richard Hughes, director of product strategy, says the use of social networking is often isolated between the business and its clients.

We believe this is a shortsighted view. These networks need to be integrated to avoid creating social silos where customer and employee networks are entirely separate. Clearvale's ecosystem functionality is unique in allowing a company's various social networks to be connected together enabling a more effective social CRM approach than trying to use separate social networks."

In an interview with CMSWire, Hughes further explains that Clearvale's social CRM capability is already integrated into all variants of the service, including the free Clearvale Express and the premium services Clearvale Enterprise and PaasPort. He clarifies, though, that the free service will be  limited compared with the premium service meant for enterprises with bigger requirements.

Clearvale Customer Portal Network

People-Centric Platform

Clearvale is touted as a people-centric service rather than a document-centered application. Clearvale lets customers, partners, employees and other stakeholders collaborate through a SaaS solution that is scalable, agile and resource-efficient. The service lets anyone from within the ecosystem collaborate and communicate with other members in real time.

With this approach, Clearvale's social enterprise ecosystem helps improve business efficiency by fostering knowledge exchange, innovation and communication. Outside of the organization, customers and partners can also be part of the community. With Clearvale, organizations will have better control over these ecosystems, as separate social networks can be made and managed for each of the groups within the bigger ecosystem.

Broadvision is presenting at the Enterprise 2.0 conference, where it showcases the capabilities of Clearvale social CRM.