CloudBerry Explorer Adds Enhanced Support for AWS Import
CloudBerry (news, site) adds more to features to its useful freeware app that extends your S3 buckets to the desktop.

The new update for CloudBerry S3 Explorer supports Amazon Web Services (AWS) import and export of data, allowing companies to keep a better hold and watch on their cloud-stored data. The Explorer automates the creation of the manifest file, digitally signing it and the job identifier with your AWS Secret Access Key. It also automatically places that digital signature file on the device.

The latest update, version 1.7.1 also allows for connection to Amazon's US-West servers to decrease loading times for those on the West Coast. 

Allowing access to multiple accounts, users can move and copy files between local and Amazon storage. They can allow others access to the files and monitor usage while automating regular backup or transfer tasks.

A PRO version is also available offering more features including encryption and FTP support, while a mobile version of the freeware edition is in the pipes for the truly on-the-go Web citizen.