CloudBerry Updates Amazon S3 Explorer, Offers Online BackUp Service

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CloudBerry's (news, site) freeware browser for Amazon S3 has been a big hit since its launch back in March. Now the company is bringing new features and offering extra peace of mind.

Find it in the Clouds

Amazon's Simple Storage System (S3) is great for storing large amounts of data, but isn't the most flexible tool when it comes to accessing your data. CloudBerry's Explorer has done a lot to help and has now been updated to version 1.5.1 to make digging in those S3 buckets simpler.

New features include:

  • The ability to set up custom HTTP headers -- they can be useful if users use Amazon S3 to serve files over http to customers. Custom headers can make these easier to follow.
  • Buckets can now be made public or private quickly
  • Servers logs can now be viewed within Explorer.

Some simpler features have been implemented too, you can now copy the address from  navigation bar, saving a couple of seconds when creating links.

Backup to S3

Another new release, in beta at any rate, is CloudBerry Backup that lets users keep a practical archive using S3 storage. Useful as an alternate backup source, or a temporary primary option if a company doesn't yet have proper archiving in place.

Learning Opportunities

Windows XP or Vista users can create new documents and CloudBerry Backup will automatically track the new or modified files and copy them to the remote storage.

With strong encryption, automated backups and easy recovery, if you don't yet have proper backups in place, try the evaluation version that is free to download.

Pricing is to be confirmed later but it will be free for personal use. Just remember that Amazon doesn't guarantee data retention!