Flypaper 2.0: Content Management Meets Flash
If you fed Flash to your content management system, you’d get what Flypaper Studio, Inc. has to offer. Their interactive software makes it easy for users to create and reuse Flash content for more razzle dazzle effect and less headache.

The interesting solution was recently recognized by the Arizona Technology Council at the 2008 Governor’s Celebration of Innovation, but if you haven’t heard of it yet, now’s a good time to get familiar. The release of Flypaper 2.0 was announced earlier this month and it’s looking pretty attractive (pun intended).

Unlocking Flash for Enterprise

The purpose of Flypaper, as we understand it, is to allow a wider range of users the opportunity to create high quality output while catering to Flash conventional designers and developers as well. Flypaper users can create, edit and program Flash presentations and other interactive products with easier, simplified tools and templates. 

It’s a little different than your normal content management platform. In the same vein different is what’s new in the 2.0 version. Rather than focusing their energies around creating add-ons and plug-ins and doodads that allow users the commonly sought after luxury of a higher level of productivity with less actual work, Flypaper’s enhancements revolve around a more hands-on approach.

Users are encouraged to be a larger part in the content creation process while collaborating online and in real time with outside professional agencies. The enterprise version adds a collaboration feature, a private online repository for storing projects and digital assets, additional storage space and a software development kit (SDK).

“Creative agencies and the enterprise clients they serve feel the most pain when it comes to creating mass amounts of Flash content. It’s costly, time-consuming, not reusable, and they can’t track the output,” said Pat Sullivan, CEO of Flypaper Studio. “Until now, both groups have been hamstrung to a large budget for creating Flash content for everything ... Now, for the first time, they finally have a solution that empowers them to create, collaborate, reuse, and track high-impact Flash content for a fraction of what they used to allocate in cost and resources.”

Feature-tacular (Or something less repulsive)

Flypaper 2.0 includes a whopping 30 new features that allow for greater end-user control and customization. Key enhancements include: 

Enterprise repository

Companies will have their own private repository where content and entire projects can be stored, accessed, modified and reused across the entire organization. This is specifically aimed at companies that are creating and repurposing content throughout several different departments and need quick access from one central location.


Users have real-time, Web-based collaboration capability and can export any element of a project then collectively mark up, edit, make notes, chat online and view all collaborators per project.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

The Flypaper SDK is great for those producing high impact Flash output (a.k.a. those more familiar with design). Programmers can create and convert Flash files to the Flypaper format, making Flash programs and components editable by the customer for the first time ever. Flash programmer are free from mundane maintenance and customers actually get to be involved in their own visions. 

Other perks: Automatically add one element to all pages with just a click; lock certain elements or entire projects so other users can’t make changes; and add custom fonts.

You So Flashy! (For Some)

The tool is definitely a winner if you're trying to get that WOW effect, but who says customers won't search out a company that does everything for them? Although the concept of Flypaper is interesting and arguably better for controlling clients, the truth is that trends say the majority of people would prefer to wash their hands of the nitty gritty. 

On the programmer side, this tool is definitely for the win. Not only do they not have to worry about editing, but knowing their content is up for reuse has got to make them sleep better at night. 

The company is definitely growing popularity wise and their new pricing reflects that. If you're a moth to the flame (er, fly to the paper?) with money in your pockets, check it out here.