Adobe Ships Flash Media Server 3.5 Software
Many consider the Adobe Flash Platform to be the defacto standard for delivering interactive content, video and other media applications on the web today. But even with their market lead, Adobe continues to work hard to improve their Flash Platform. Which is why Adobe has announced the latest installment of their Flash Media Servers.

Adobe has announced the release of their Flash Media Server 3.5 software which was unveiled December 2008 at the Adobe Max North America conference. The release is available now and includes Adobe Flash Media Interactive Server 3.5 software and Adobe Flash Media Streaming Server 3.5 software.

With media demands increasing and bandwidths climbing daily, the public needs a way to absorb that media without having to rebuild their network or even their home computer. Adobe’s Flash Media Servers are designed to do just that while providing quality interactive content as well as quality streaming content on the web.

And with H.264 video capabilities, Adobe hopes users will enjoy a heightened experience when interacting with various online flash media.

Not only does Flash Media Server software enhance one's online experience, it also supports multiway applications, including webcam chat, online games and VoIP. Video conferencing, online collaboration and various other business related activities will benefit hugely from the use of Flash Media Servers.

Flash Media Servers 3.5 Updates and New Features

The newest release of Flash Media Server includes some major enhancements. These changes affect both server options available with Flash Media Server 3.5.

  • Dynamic Streaming – For broadcast-quality standard video formats in multiple bitrates
  • Integrated HTTP Server – Aids in delivering full media experiences
  • Delivery of XMP Metadata – Provides support for XMP metadata created using Adobe Production Premium CS4

Other enhancements and improvements have been made that include changes specific to Flash Media Interactive Server 3.5. Users will now have live DVR functionality for pause and seek options in live streams and plugin enhancements for added functionality and extension.

Once again Adobe flexes is media muscles. This time in an effort to provide the public with solutions that are not just for the average user, but have impact in real-world, enterprise 2.0 situations.