eTouch WebEx create new cms
In anticipation of what has already been deemed a year of exciting Enterprise 2.0 developments, Cisco/WebEx and California-based enterprise wiki provider eTouch Systems announce the integration of SamePage, an enterprise wiki, into the WebEx Connect collaboration environment. WebEx plans to closely integrate the collaborative content editing capabilities of SamePage with the application mashup capabilities of WebEx Connect. The new platform will be available to more than 2 million Cisco customers in an effort to allow users to create content and collaborate on the go. This application, offering employees, partners and customers the ability to collaborate, share ideas and generate content will exploit the potential of Web 2.0 in the enterprise. SamePage is one of the many applications users can access through the WebEx Connect application ecosystem. Users can "integrate data from multiple applications into collaborative workspaces custom designed for their particular workflows and business processes." In contrast to traditional transactional applications, WebEx Connect works to improve productivity by enhancing collaboration and interaction between individuals within the context of a business process. By leveraging open Web 2.0 protocols and collaborative WebEx applications programming interfaces (APIs), WebEx Connect aims to make it easy to adapt on-demand, desktop, and enterprise applications to create composite, "mashup" applications. Impressively, it's reported that WebEx evaluated all leading edge wikis and selected eTouch SamePage to be the first wiki provider for WebEx Connect. And with research showing that a majority of enterprises have plans to use wiki and blogs, WebEx is certainly hopeful that this initiative will impact their continuing growing in the market.