Social Networking Conference
If you can't get enough of social networking -- and clearly we can't -- make sure and pencil in the 4th annual Social Networking Conference taking place July 10-11 in San Francisco. The San Francisco chapter will focus on my favorite topic, enterprise social networking and on mobile social networking. The keynote speaker will be Britt Selvitelle of Twitter, who's talk, cleverly entitled "What's Love Got To Do With It?" will touch on why it's not enough to make passionate users, but also "passionate creators" (a reference to Twitter's wildly popular API, no doubt). The conference, which bills itself as "The business event for social networking" has a very corporate bent: speakers not only include the Social Media Coordinator of General Motors, but also the CEO of the United States Air Force and executives from companies like IBM and Hewlett Packard. Other panels that look interesting include: * A talk from Karen Leavitt of Mzinga on "Building and Sustaining a Business Social Networking Culture", * Talks from staff members of Linked In * A talk on Facebook enterprise mashups from the founder of Faceforce If mobile is what you seek, there are plenty of learning opportunities to be found there as well, with panelists from Motorola and Deutsche Telecom (better known to us in the USA as T-Mobile) in attendance. A full agenda can be found here. If you're looking for a conference where the after party is the main objective, this is not the show for you. The show's FAQ section warns: "Attending the Social Networking Conference is certainly a different experience for most, if not all delegates. This is a serious business event and all delegates attending treat it as such. Business negotiations take place during networking sessions." If you'd like to go and get some serious business taken care of, be sure to register before July 5 to save $100 off the registration fee. If you're not in San Francisco, but still interested in a business event for social networking, be sure to check out their sister conferences coming up in London, Miami, and Seuol, Korea.