Sometimes it’s comforting to realize that you’re not the only industry struggling to manage and integrate social media. From Fortune 500 companies to small businesses, everyone is still trying to evolve their presence and define their strategies so they can embrace all that social media can offer.

Struggling to Manage Social Media

You might think that there are some industries that have figured it out. Take higher education, for example. Filled with smart, talented youth who do that texting and Facebook updating, universities must have figured out by now how to successfully employ social media strategies to target not only prospective students, but their alumni, as well. And yet, colleges and universities are burdened by a lot of the similar challenges faced by companies in the enterprise.


Previously, we told you about ContentM, an enterprise content management system developed and designed by All of E Solutions for higher education and high school districts. ContentM aims to organize and manage massive amounts of content that universities produce, while giving them the functionality to create web pages that serve the needs of administrators, teachers and students alike.

All of E is back,  and with it brings ContentM SMASHUP. At a time when colleges and universities are paddling up the social media river without a paddle, or a plan for that matter, ContentM SMASHUP [Social Media + Mashup] provides an opportunity for them to come ashore and map out their route before venturing back into the water.

Managing Social Media Mayhem, University Style

In an appeal to provide real time communication and information to all their constituents, colleges and universities have begun setting up social media platforms. However, like a lot of companies, it is often done in an unorganized way and now it’s not easy to unravel the mayhem management created.

ContentM SMASHUP not only helps universities create a unique social media experience for their audiences, it also lets them aggregate all aspects of a university's social media initiatives into one central hub to attract prospective students, interact with current students or keep in touch with alumni.


Example of Smashups created using ContentM SMASHUP

By providing a CMS from which university social media managers can create, customize and manage branded social media mashups, the goal is to enhance manageability, functionality and access. Featuring intuitive drag and drop functionality and panel-based technology, ContentM SMASHUP can integrate with a variety of social media platforms (i.e, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, blogs, etc.).


Example of Smashups created using ContentM SMASHUP

Currently in Beta and working with a select group of colleges and universities, All of E Solutions is dedicated to helping schools who are passionate about social media and its future implement strategies that blend and enhance current initiatives, future goals and culture of the institution.

If the goal of social media is to engage and interact, smashups are a smart way for universities to maintain their overall brand while creating more meaningful interactions between the university and its audiences, improving relationships with the university and influencing their perceptions of it.