Every click and every second counts. So optimize your marketing campaigns by focusing on delivering relevant, personally meaningful messages.

The business of marketing is shifting yet again, and this shift requires that marketers deliver personally relevant and meaningful content to their intended audience. It’s been said that consumers hate commercials, but in fact, consumers simply dislike irrelevant information, and today most consumers ignore the over 3000 generic, irrelevant messages they receive on a daily basis.

Therefore, to achieve success organizations will have to find ways to understand and engage consumers with meaningful, relevant content. To accomplish this, you need better tools and systems to understand your customers at an individual level, thereby determining what is relevant and meaningful to them.

As part of this, you will need better customer intelligence systems and analytics tools to deliver targeted, meaningful content across a variety of channels, from wireless/mobile to web, to printed brochure and other customer experience channels.

Beyond Aggregates, Digital Body Language

Today’s analytics technologies that deal in aggregate, summary statistics are not sufficient for understanding customers as individuals. The next generation of customer intelligence tooling will need to provide instrumentation to record and measure a customer’s digital body language, and dynamically analyze a visitor’s needs and desires.

This will quickly evolve from simple persona mapping into more advanced forms of progressive profiling that will gauge customer attitude and intention and provide a basis for deep customer engagement.

Beyond Rules, Scenario-based Engagement

As the level of customer intelligence increases, so will the tools for guiding and shaping the customer engagement. Simple logic that controls content targeting and presentation will give way to more advanced scenario based engagement models that allow marketers to script multi-visit, multi-channel engagements with their customers that are transparent to the visitor.

This will allow organizations to sense and adapt to their customers across time and location, and provide relevant, personally meaningful interactions for each customer in a way the customer desires.

Perceive, Engage, Persuade

By engaging these customers in such a customer-centric fashion, and providing the right information that solves the visitors’ needs, you can effectively move users towards your key goals and desired outcomes for each channel. By creating these scenarios for action that also transparently span various interaction channels and time, you will find that you are also able to optimize campaign performance and drive greater goal conversion.

Consumers are sending us all a very direct message: Make your marketing matter to me or I will ignore you. It’s time we listened. As all sales people know, you cannot persuade until you perceive.