In the heartland content management is alive. Since 1998, AllofE Solutions has been building a comprehensive suite of web-based products, custom applications and interactive media solutions.

Higher education, k-12 school districts and hospitals (among others) have long recognized the power and innovation of their enterprise content management system called ContentM. We recently spoke with Amit Guha, President and CEO of AllofE Solutions about content management, eCurriculum and the impact of community. 

Non-Profits Have Unstructured Content, Too

When we think of unstructured content, we usually think of large corporate enterprises, not academic institutions or healthcare companies. Truth be told, corporate entities have more than enough resources to help them manage their content. Those in education and other non-profit organizations, however, are often alone in their attempts to organize their data -- due primarily to unusual infrastructures and cost constraints.

ContentM is a scalable system that can handle lots of content and gives access to multiple users, which can be useful for institutions that often have many people managing content independently. With solutions for schools, universities, government and healthcare, consider ContentM as the solution of organizations focused on the greater good.

Content Management Gets Schooled

Pulling all-nighters isn’t just for students, so ContentM’s browser-based platform allows administrators and other users to access site information and editing capabilities, anywhere and anytime. As well, an intuitive interface helps to streamline the site management process and allows organizations to create, edit and publish their site.

From applicant tracking, curriculum management to online lesson plans and gradebooks, AllofE Solutions can outfit any school district with the tools needed to make managing students and their curriculum easier.


Control Panel and page options


Example of template style editor

Teachers have a lot on their plate and learning new technologies can be overwhelming. ContentM recognizes this offering a library stocked with page templates, and functionality that employs drag n’ drop capabilities making it easy and intuitive to edit both the look and feel of pages, as well as its content.


Teachers are able to change and edit information using drag n' drop capabilities.

Empowering Users, Inspiring Communities

AllofE Solutions not only strives to provide efficient, innovative and cost-effective solutions, they also work to empower the people that manage content and the communities affected by content management strategies.

In January, they launched the SchoolE Awards, a contest designed to showcase districts that have the most attractive sites and best web strategy. The SchoolE Awards will recognize the very best in web strategy, design and effectiveness within the K-12 sector.

With so many school districts relying on websites to communicate to a plethora of parents and students, the district website has now emerged as the single most important vehicle for overall communication and branding.

You can nominate a district's website worthy of being considered among the best online.

While their reach extends well beyond Lawrence, Kansas where AllofE Solutions is headquartered, ContentM is poised to impact content management strategies across all industries, far and wide.