DigiTech's collection of PaperVision SharePoint Tools (news, site) has been bolstered with the addition of a document uploader to get those critical documents into the system.

Freedom for SharePoint

PaperVision SharePoint Tools is a new free 10MB utility from DigiTech that allows users to upload files from any application via "printing" them into a converter that then uploads them into SharePoint. Windows users can "print" their documents in a process to ensure they end up in the right place. 

Anyone struggling to copy files over to SharePoint can now do so, and the process is simple enough that any user can be tasked with a batch job. Once uploaded to SharePoint, by entering your SharePoint URL and adding the appropriate fields or content types depending on the document, the files are accessible to users on any site or community within that implementation.



Print your documents to get them into SharePoint

Also On Offer...

All it takes is a sign-up process to get the free tool, and while you're on the site, you can check out DigiTech's a range of commercial solutions, including paper-based document scanning and importing tools, ECM tools plus a range of professional services. There is also ImageSilo, a cloud-based storage service.

So, if anyone needs a handy tool to get some odd files into SharePoint, here's a free solution that does the job with minimal fuss.