NomaDesk Provides Cross-Platform Collaboration for Mac and iPhone

NomaDesk (site) released a Mac version of its NomaDesk app and iPhone mobile extension to help users share documents and collaborate in a cross-platform compatible and secure environment.

iPhone Users Just Want to Work

With the iPhone rapidly becoming the gadget of choice for business users in many sectors, it is only natural that owners will want to do more and more work on their sleek little gadget. But, even brilliance of Apple's designers can't have multi-gigabyte files being accessed on such a tiny device.

However, Belgian firm NomaDesk has a solution. The company's NomaDesk Mac and iPhone extensions enable users to share files, transfer segments of massive files and maintain data security, even shredding unwanted, compromised or stolen files.

NomaDesk claims to make your data available any time, anywhere and is available at just $15 a month for team use. The iPhone extension provides a dashboard to help transfer files, which are sent as email attachments but are stored in a special NomaDesk folder to maintain data integrity.

TheftGuard is also included allowing users to shred files if a device or computer is stolen. When the computer is reported stolen, next time to goes online, NomaDesk servers will trigger a command to wipe the data.

The desktop version includes Delta-sync, which only sends the part of a file that is needed to save on network usage. NomaDesk goes up against other systems like but claims that its added security gives it the edge. There is a 30-day free trial available from the site.

NomaDesk was awarded “Europe’s Most Promising Startup” at the Innovate! Europe 2009 competition and has U.S. presence in Atlanta, GA.

A personal edition of the NomaDesk package is available for US$ 50 per year. Users of other phones can also use NomaDesk, using the web-based MyNomaDesk service.