Embed Video Chat Rooms (for Free) with Paltalk
VoIP has been a pretty hot topic lately, with Skype adding group video chat and recent Google moves hinting at mobile video conferencing, but what about the smaller guy? Paltalk, a lesser-known VoIP service, lets you do all the fun video chat stuff you like for free. 

The real-time video based community just added two cool new features: Video Chat Widget and the Embeddable Video Chat Room.

Paltalk Express Widgets

Paltalk members can now embed a video chat widget on their site. With a small footprint, the widget gives visitors a peek into what’s going on within the chat room, as well as the option to join the conversation.  Moreover, the video chat can be shared on popular social networking sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and StumbleUpon. 

With the Paltalk Embeddable Video Chat Rooms

Boost web experience by embedding fully-featured, custom video chat rooms on your site. Paltalk's new feature supports "real-time multi-party communication around blog posts, articles or user generated content" and can be fully integrated with the website experience. In addition, room owners have a full suite of administrative room controls for moderating the chat. 

“Consumers increasingly expect to be able to easily interact with and seamlessly share content across the web,” said Jason Katz, CEO of Paltalk. “Paltalk Video Chat Widgets enable bloggers, website authors, and other site owners to easily embed cutting edge video technology into their own sites. This enables the sharing of content across common social networking sites, boosting audience engagement, strengthening audience loyalty and attracting additional site traffic.”

While prices aren't yet set for Skype's new features (still in beta) and nothing has been set in stone with Google, it might be a good idea to check out Palktalk. After all, it won't cost you a penny.