They've only been publicly available for four months, but the Web 2.0 community solution cubeless is already picking up awards right and left, including becoming a finalist in the Forrester Groundswell Awards.

A cubeless Community


cubeless started off as an internal home cooked community solution for Sabre Holdings, built in their Sabre Studios innovation lab. It is a social networking solution designed for the enterprise. Sabre developed the community solution so that it's 9,000 employees spread across 59 countries could work together. According to the company, they saved over US$ 500,000 in the first year. Impressive indeed. Features of the community solution include: * Profile, Questions and Answers, Groups, Blogs, Pick Lists * Sticky Notes * Built specifically for secure corporate us * Leverages a proprietary relevance engine to make information actionable

A quick look tells us that it is very much a typical social networking solution, which puts in line with solutions like Awareness, Jive, Tomoye and many others, maybe not as nice looking.

A Forrester Groundswell Finalist

Forrester Research honored the community environment as a finalist for the Forrester Groundswell Awards. The are listed in the managing category alongside other solutions such as Socialtext Wiki, MindTouch Deki and Orbit.

Other Recognitions

Other than the Forrester recognition, cubeless has received a number of other accolades: * A "cool new technology for HR" by the HR Technology Conference & Expo and Human Resource Executive magazine * Finalist for the American Business Awards in the "best new product or service" category * A "commendation of excellence" in the Society for New Communications Research's 2008 Excellence in New Communications Awards program This was the first time we had heard of the cubeless community solution, so we were a little disappointed they didn't offer a little more information on their website on core functionality and technical architecture. We assume that many people would be looking to get that from the website. We also couldn't find any pricing on this solution, just contact information. If you are interested in learning more, visit their website.