Enterprise 2.0 Roll-up: Email Doesn't Take Holidays, Mobile Predictions for 2011

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Consider the dinner table this holiday season. Will you be eating and enjoying time with family and friends, or checking your e-mail with your mobile device? A couple of recent surveys have revealed some uncomfortable facts about American behavior with regards to the mighty inbox, as well as the mobile trends to look for in 2011. 

'Tis the Season for Americans to Work Too Hard

If you're winding down this week in preparation for Thanksgiving, thank your lucky stars. According to a recent survey from Xobni (news, site), pumping the brakes for the holiday season is a luxury denied to many. The culprit? Good ol' e-mail.

The online survey was conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Xobni between November 5th and November 9th of this year, and calculated the feedback from a total of 2,179 adults ages 18 and older.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • 59 percent of American adults check work e-mails during traditional family holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas
  • 55 percent of these adults check work e-mail at least once a day
  • 28 percent of these adults check their e-mail multiple times throughout the day

Does it seem hard to believe, just plain sad, or both? What if we told you 19 percent of the respondents that ever received work e-mails during holidays cited feeling "thankful" or "relieved" at having the distraction?

More on the decline of family and holiday spirit here

Google Docs Connects with Microsoft Office

Google released their own product for connect Google Docs and Microsoft Office this week. Google Cloud Connect connects the two products directly, allowing users to operate the Office interface with Google Docs features.

The product supports Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel right off the bat. Once installed, a new ribbon will appear toward the top of the Office UI, linking the document you’re currently working on to its twin in Google Docs.

If you're editing a document in any of the three mentioned Microsoft programs, it will automatically sync with your Google Docs account as soon as you click the 'Save' button (note: you must click 'Save' to sync, this is not  a real time feature):


Do you think Google Cloud Connect will convince more people to switch over to the Internet giant's products, or perpetuate the time spent in limbo? Read up on more of the details and give us your thoughts here

Learning Opportunities

Ingeniux Partners to Bring Web and Social Content to Associations

Ingeniux (news, site) has announced a partnership that sees the integration of Ingeniux CMS and Cartella with software that supports associations online. More specifically, the combination of forces enables a connector that integrates TMA Resources' Personify Association Management Software (AMS) with Ingeniux CMS and Cartella.

This means associations will be able to deliver Web content from Ingeniux CMS based on roles and groups defined in Personify, as well as create communities, profiles and microsites using Cartella that pull profile information from Personify.

The partnership is a good example of how many Web CMS vendors are working in specific vertical markets to sell their platforms in specific contexts. Check it out

Enterprise Mobility Trends for 2011 

Mobility in the Enterprise is becoming increasingly important. Writes our own J. Angelo Racoma:

Enterprise mobility entails a gradual, but extensive, evolution in how companies run their day-to-day business. With the popularity of the Apple iPad and Android-based tablets on the rise, businesses are starting to adopt mobile technologies to improve communication and collaboration. Mobile Enterprise/Device Management service provider Zenprise has shared some predictions in the enterprise mobility scene for 2011.

After surveying their 350 enterprise clients, Zenprise (newssite) has come up with predictions that could help businesses manage their own deployment of mobility tools and systems in the short term.

"...mobile management and security in 2011 will require taking a broader, more holistic approach that encompasses the people, the technology and the business process," said Zenprise CEO, Jayaram Bhat. 

Interested? We don't blame you