Ingeniux Partners to provide social media solution to associations
Ingeniux (newssite) has a new partnership to add to the list. This one sees the integration of Ingeniux CMS and Cartella with software that supports associations online.

Supporting Associations Online

There are any number of different associations that require software to support their intiatitives and there is software out there to do that. Ingeniux has teamed up with one of these association software providers, TMA Resources, to add web and social content capabilities to these association websites, broadening their engagement initiatives.

The partnership will see Ingeniux create a connector that integrates TMA Resources' Personify Association Management Software (AMS) with Ingeniux CMS and Cartella. What does this mean for associations that choose to leverage the connector? It means they will be able to deliver web content from Ingeniux CMS based on roles and groups defined in Personify and they will be able to create communities, profiles and microsites using Cartella that pull profile information from Personify.

All of this allows associations to deliver a more relevant and personalized experience to its members. 

The Benefit of Open Platforms

Personify has built an open platform that enables third party integration like this from Ingeniux. The platform is built on .NET and the company offers an API and Web Services toolkit to enable integration. Ingeniux also offers an API for its partners, so it should be fairly easy to create the appropriate connections between the two platforms.

This partnership is a good example of how many Web CMS vendors are working in specific vertical markets to sell their platforms in specific contexts. 

We don't have any information on what the integration will cost organizations that choose to go this route. For that you will have to speak to the vendors.