Unhappy with Skype? Worried about what's going to happen now that it's been sold? This week we've got a list of alternative tools as well as some thoughts on the Jive/OffiSync deal that promises to socialize Microsoft environments. 

5 Great Skype Alternatives

Microsoft's whopping US$ 8.5 billion purchase of Skype is probably good news for a large pool of video chat users, but there's undoubtedly those who are worried about the possible implications of the acquisition. While there's no exact clone of Skype floating around out there, a number of tools would still make great alternatives for those that fall into the latter category.

Read on for a quick highlight of Viber, goober Messenger, VoxOx, ooVoo and Google Voice. 

Jive Socializes Microsoft with OffiSync Acquisition

In a move that promises to instantly socialize Microsoft environments, enterprise collaboration company Jive Software has acquired OffiSync.

Jive CEO, Tony Zingale, neatly wraps up the intentions behind the acquisition in the official announcement:

For those who've wondered whether it's really possible for an enterprise to embrace Social Business, you can stop wondering. With this acquisition, Jive is bringing Social Business to you, where you work, to your desktop, to the applications and emails you live in eight hours a day. Our customers no longer have to choose between collaborating on Jive's Social Business platform or the familiar Microsoft Office UI.

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Dropbox Touts Success, in the Midst of Privacy Concerns

File sharing service Dropbox went from 5 million to 25 million users in the past year. Its users save 300 million files each day and 1 million files every five minutes, for a total of more than 100 billion files.

But behind the good news is an unfortunate situation: A lawsuit filed with the Federal Trade Commission. The company originally claimed that files sent over Dropbox were encrypted and couldn't be read, but last month, Steve Kovach at Business Insider broke the news that Dropbox had changed its terms of service to say that if the government asks, they would have to decrypt user's files and turn them over.

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Moxie Designs Enterprise Collaboration Software for the Way Employee Work

Moxie Software is a relatively new player in the social business software market with 5 design principals:

  • Pointers to people
  • Reward participants
  • Compelling user experience (eye candy characteristics)
  • Go where the people are (integrate easily)
  • Iterate, iterate, iterate (create a dynamic environment, grow features, grow functionality)

The company's latest update continues its focus on rich functionality designed for the way people work.

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