Enterprise 2.0 Roll-up: Welcoming Service Cloud 3 and iPad 2

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Among this week's hodgepodge of Enterprise 2.0 announcements: Salesforce.com extends its love for Facebook to Service Cloud 3 and lo! The second coming of the iPad!

Service Cloud 3

Remember when Chatter first came out? Salesforce.com's CEO Marc Benioff couldn't stop talking about how it was just like Facebook. This week that level of social functionality has been extended to Service Cloud 3, the newest iteration of the company's social contact center. 

The Service Cloud is what Salesforce calls the platform for "modern" customer service:

While the previous version -- Service Cloud 2, shown in the video above -- enabled customer service agents to answer questions on a company’s Facebook page, this week's release steps things up a notch by converting Facebook wall posts and comments into cases within Service Cloud 3. Salesforce has also added the same functionality for Twitter (allowing agents to create cases from Tweets).

Hello, iPad 2

Apple unveiled the iPad 2 on Wednesday, adding pretty much all the top asked-for features, including dual-core processors, front and rear cameras, a gyroscope, and HDMI output. The device is also available in black or white, and costs the same as its predecessor:


Apple also revealed iOS 4.3 and some new apps. Check out our coverage here

Egnyte Gets Funding to Help Bring iPad to the Enterprise

Speaking of the iPad, Egnyte's (news, site) cloud storage app is looking pretty good thanks to the company's healthy round of venture capital. The app offers users 24/7 file access to documents with server management and enterprise-level security, as well as auditing and versioning to attract business users.




Learning Opportunities

The funds are reportedly going toward international expansion and the bolstering of marketing efforts, as well as sales and engineering efforts. See more details here

Inmagic Brings Virtual Collaboration to Member-based Orgs

Inmagic (news, site) unveiled Presto AssociatioNet, specifically giving member-based organizations a more resourceful pool to turn to for information and collaboration.

Essentially, the application creates virtual environments (a.k.a. Social Knowledge Networks) that facilitate collaboration by combining vetted content with community tools. Both staff and members can access an array of content, share insights, and do that whole collaboration bit with regards to the mission of the association and its membership community.

“Now more than ever, it is crucial for associations to be viewed as indispensible resources and productivity centers,” says Ron Matros, CEO of Inmagic. “Today’s leading associations are quickly recognizing the benefit of content-centric socialization—where core knowledge is collected, organized, and socialized to increase awareness, provide relevant information quickly, encourage patronage, and help staff and members achieve their objectives.”

This is surely a step up from the recently enhanced Presto platform, which was released with a focus on discussion platforms and content relations. Check out the features here