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EssentiaESP developed by Essentia is a community-based platform designed specifically for commercial open source in order to efficiently build and manage vibrant open source communities. The product combines principles of social networking, community management, collaboration and content management in a platform that supports multiple CRM integrations.EssentiaESP is designed to facilitate community participation, driving business results for commercial open source companies, in a secure environment that is easy to use and easy to maintain, according to Essentia. EssentiaESP includes the following features: * Collaborative development tools for version control, bug tracking and release * Communication tools for document sharing, wiki, blogs * Social networking tools for discussions, user communication, surveys and tagging * Site and project level content management * E-commerce and dynamic cataloging * Marketing and tracking tools integration * Centralized framework One of the most prominent product features seems to be the one called Ecosystem Enablement that allows you to mix and match local and remote environments within one platform. The first product implementation of EssentiaESP is anticipated to take place on the open source development portal and its large and dynamic community of over 85,000 registered developers, 300+ community-created projects and high volume of forum activity, sessions and page views.