eTouch Enterprise Wiki SamePage Now Available on
When your solution is up against a number of others in the market, you need to find ways to promote your offering where your market will look. eTouch (news, site) did that earlier this year for their SamePage enterprise wiki.

In April, eTouch announced that customers could pick up SamePage from the AppExchange. Pricing starts at US$ 100 per month for up to 20 users, US$ 200 for 21 to 50 users and US$ 400 for up to 100 users. And of course, there's that 30-day trial offer you find it hard to refuse.

Today, eTouch announces a new location to pick up the SamePage enterprise wiki: is owned by Renovatix Solutions. It offers a number of enterprise level SaaS solutions at the same price or, in some cases less, than buying from the vendor directly. Buying from also gives you a single point of support and integrated billing for all applications you purchase there.

Pricing for SamePage at starts at US$ 100 per month for up to 20 users. Head over and read the reviews or write one yourself.