While sharing isn't exactly big news these days, Evernote (news, site) is claiming their "biggest update in months" with the addition of such capabilities. Without leaving the application, Windows users will now be able to take selected portions of their Evernote memories and share them via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter. 

Sharing is Caring

Users can access these new perks through the share button inside each note. The rest is pretty self explanatory:


The update also promotes Notebook sharing for brainstorming with a team. The process is just about the same -- just click on the new Shared tab above the notebook list, then click on the Manage Sharing link. A list of notebooks will appear, and from there you can select the one you want. You can also choose the individuals you want to share with, as well as password requirements. 

For Evernote users, the significance of these adds is obvious -- on the 'net, memories are better shared than kept to one's self. For the company,  it's a step in an expected direction.

“Evernote, historically, has not been social — at all,” admitted Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote. “You go to Facebook when you feel like not being productive. You go to Evernote when you actually feel like getting something accomplished. That’s been our position. What we realized over the past year or so is that those two halves of your life really need to be well-connected. So Evernote doesn’t have to social, but there has to be easy ways for you share your important stuff in Evernote with your friends and your social network.”

Updates for Writers

The new and improved Evernote also features some handy perks for writers:

Note, word and character count: In the View menu, there’s now a Show Note and Word Counts option. Activate it and a bar will appear along the bottom of the note panel containing word and character counts.

Find and Replace: When searching within a specific note, users can now perform a find and replace action by pressing CTRL+H. 

Improve indenting: The text editor has been tweaked to "handle indentation more consistently."

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