eXo & Netvibes Offer Enterprises Universal App Development

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Today saw the partnering of eXo and Netvibes. Together the two companies will enable their customers to customize dashboards and integrated third-party applications via a new environment. 

Netvibes Studio

Enterprises often hit walls when simultaneously developing and deploying custom apps across multiple Web and mobile platforms. The new Netvibes Studio attempts to fill the gap with a dedicated development environment powered by eXo and Netvibes technologies. 

Within the environment, users can create universal apps that connect to multiple data systems as well as run on major Web and mobile platforms. 

Netvibes studio screen shot

Learning Opportunities

Perks also include:

  • Cloud-based development environment
  • Apps can be deployed to the Netvibes Ecosystem and user app libraries
  • Push publishing lets publishers distribute apps instantly
  • Utilizes the latest Netvibes UWA specs for universal compliance and compatibility
  • Autocomplete functionality and common components ease development
  • eXo’s IDE offers many robust development features including versioning, Java validation, and REST service discovery

"Dashboard Intelligence is the next evolution of business intelligence for the real-time Web. Key to this is the ability to monitor and manage all your apps anywhere, anytime, on all platforms," said Freddy Mini, CEO Netvibes. "Although Netvibes already offers nearly 200,000 widgets and custom development, for enterprises that want to build and deploy their own universal apps to their dashboard users, we now offer a dedicated development environment."

You can check out additional info on the product, as well as request a demo, here.