If you don't know where your fonts are being used, and fonts are part of your intellectual property, then you are in the market for the latest version of Universal Type Server.

What is a Font Server, Anyway?

Extensis (news, site), known primarily around these parts as a DAM vendor, also offers a font server. While the idea of a font server seems strange, if you think of a font (and all of a given font's permutations) as images, then a font server is little more than a specific image server.

Now that you know what a font server is, how do you know if you need a font server? If you are sitting in meetings where terms like "font license infringement" and "font compliance vulnerability" are being thrown around, then you need a font server.

Universal Type Server 3 is designed to support the needs of administrators -- enforcing compliance, and creative users -- usable workflow. Although, this release (and the product) is targeted squarely at protecting customers from font violation issues.

The latest release includes the ability for organizations to police usage in real time and generate reports on over-usage. Along with reporting and license enforcement, Universal Type Server 3 also supports:

  • Server Failover
  • Client Creativity Tools
  • Support for Adobe InCopy and Photoshop

What Does a Font Server Look Like?

Universal Type Client - Mac

Universal Type Client - Windows

Users & Workgroups: Permissions

Users & Workgroups: Compliance Reporting



If you are reaching for your corporate credit card, you will have to wait a few more days, as the product won't be available until next month. Until then, you can get started with the Reviewer's Guide.