With pressure on digital asset vendors to provide products that give an edge over standard video management capabilities that now come with many Enterprise CMS, Extensis (news, site)  has just released v9.5 of its Portfolio Server with improved set-up options and better web client features for file selection.

Already an extensive and easy-to-use digital asset management system (DAM) the focus on this release is the provision of better management for large collections of digital media, upgrades to the MediaRich processing engines, as well as adding additional file and metadata support.

DAM and Enterprise CMS

Going back to early this summer, the Real Story Group pointed out in the Digital & Media Asset Management Product Evaluations of twenty–two vendors that the availability of some standard features in WCM and ECM solutions is changing the DAM market place.

The principal market change is that pure play DAM vendors are being forced to supply advanced features that would not ordinarily be available in ECM, DM or WCM systems to keep themselves in the game.

The research also indicated that many vendors of these ‘general’ products are picking up business that would normally have gone to DAM vendors from enterprises that need some kind of DAM but not the full fledged functionality that is offered by companies like Extensis.

As DAM applications have moved away from thick clients to web-based applications, and CMS vendors add basic image/video management features, the distinction is less clear to buyers. The confusion increases as more web content management or document management vendors bid on DAM procurements,” Theresa Regli, Principal Analyst for DAM with The Real Story Group said.

Extensis Web Client

For Extensis this has meant the expansion of a DAM system that was already very extensive and for a price that would enable even SMBs to combine it with either new enterprise or document management deployments, or legacy systems.

Extensis_PS9.5_Web Client_2010.jpg

Extensis Portfolio Server 9.5

At the heart of Portfolio Server v9.5 is the ability to easily find files by providing a central repository for media files that can be searched using Windows or Mac desktops and, increasingly important, via Web client.

In fact in this release the ability to search via the web has been improved by new web client features for viewing and selecting files, access to which is provided through a single serial code which enables users to use their license for Web, Windows or Mac with licensing handled at the server end.

The file viewing experience, Extensis says, has also been greatly improved. By double-clicking on a thumbnail in the Web Client, the Full-Screen Preview opens up to maximize the screen as well as a number of control buttons that enables users to interact with the image.

Extensis_PS9.5_Express Palette_2010.jpg

Extensis Portfolio Server 9.5 Patette 

Portfolio Server 9.5

While ease of use is also on the list of features that Extensis is highlighting there have been a number of other upgrades that are worth noting. These include:

  • Previews: Full screen previews with item flagging and filmstrip previews
  • File Formats: Now supports SWF and DNG formats
  • Web Templates: ImagePro NetPublish template enables user-defined options in the NetPublish Assistant, plus CSS/theme and text strings with no programming
  • Windows Support: Added support for Windows Server 2008 R2 and Apple XSAN
  • Installation: Installation of PS has also been made easier as has the ability to upgrade

Extensis_PS9.5_Net Publish_2010.jpg

Extensis Portfolio Server 9.5 NetPublish component 

And there are a lot more too. In addition to the new features, Portfolio Server 9.5 is also available in English, French, German and Japanese and comes with additional optional modules including NetPublish and NetMediaMAX for improved scalability.

Just released generally, PS 9.5 costs approximately US$ 7,132 (€5,600) and comes in Professional Edition for three client connections, and Enterprise Edition for 10 client connections and SQL Connect for scalability.