From SharePoint to CRM, KWizCom bridges the gap

Watch Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management and SharePoint frolic in the fields of the tech verse together thanks to KWizCom’s CRM-SharePoint connector.

KWizCom’s connector revolutionizes the functionality of MOSS by bridging the gap between the two commonly used services through integration.

The Facts of Tech

Tons of people utilize CRM solutions to manage their customer information. Tons of people use SharePoint for their document management and collaboration needs. CRM and SharePoint are basically like air and water to organizations -- you can’t live without either. KWizCom’s thinking is that allowing the two frequently used solutions to share information with each other will yield more productivity, effective workflow, improved time management and, you know, good things all around.

Nimrod Geva, KWizCom's VP Sales & Marketing elaborates: "We created this add-on to conform to the good business practice rule that says minimize expense, maximize capabilities.”

How It Works

KWizCom's CRM-SharePoint Connector enables users to implement SharePoint's document management capabilities on information existing in any CRM entity for example: Accounts, Leads, Products, etc. It may sound like a lot of work, but KWizCom’s CRM-SharePoint connector automatically creates a SharePoint site for each entity. Additional capabilities include:

  • Create document libraries and folders
  • Work on a multi-lingual level
  • Search for documents
  • Expose documents to users who are not CRM users (and do not have CRM client license)
  • Configuration utility that enables an administrator to futz with various settings of the connection

KWizCom on a Roll?

The release comes just on the heels of KWizCom’s SharePoint 2007 Wiki Plus, a comprehensive Wiki solution for SharePoint, ideal for true cross-organization knowledge sharing.

There hasn’t been a ton of feedback (good or bad) regarding the MOSS infrastructure add-on, but perhaps that’s because SharePoint already offers a Wiki of their own. Could an addition like CRM connector rather than an enhancement be what KWizCom needs to succeed? For more information on the company or the solution, visit their website.