If it was a cautious crawl before, it looks like it's becoming a stampede now as enterprises start the big PC desktop refresh. Getronics aims to smooth the upgrade process.

Down the Upgrade Path

Microsoft's Windows 7 is now approaching the release of Service Pack 1, the traditional time when enterprise users finally adopt a replacement operating system. That, and the recent launch of Office 2010, is a sign many CIOs are taking, along with an improving economic picture, as the time to dive in and upgrade their corporate PCs.

Getronics is on hand to help with the complex task of upgrading those millions of PCs and handle the document management. It has partnered with ConverterTechnology to expand its Rapid Deployment eXperience 7 (RDX7) software that analyses potential problems and saves time by automating the update process.

The Biggest IT Challenge

Upgrading a whole company to a new OS is a potential nightmare. RDX7 is delivered as a virtual machine for the enterprise and over five weeks, helps admins mitigate the risks by a five step process. First it scans all the machines for hardware readiness and legacy incompatible applications.

Then, it creates a pilot system with up to 30 machines running 10 of your business applications. Once the pilot is validated, and any software issues addressed, the company can then perform a complete roll out.

Begin Conversion

A company specializing in migration issues, ConverterTechnology has partnered with Getronics to improve the process further. Using its OfficeConverter processes, it helps with the Office side of the update and can convert document files to the latest formats. It does this while protecting vital files and data and makes the Office migration process faster by automating the conversion functions.

OfficeConverter identifies any files that should be converted, flags potentially troublesome ones with compatibility issues and fixes some problems automatically to ensure the migration goes smoothly. It does this while helping to preserve an enterprises' macros, custom code and so on.

Both companies have a global reach and long histories of work in their fields with Getronics winning the Microsoft Worldwide Desktop Deployment Partner of the Year award. Contact Getronics for more information.