Giving Thanks to Today's Organization: Empower, Engage, Mobilize

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As Thanksgiving approaches, it’s customary that we begin to give thanks for all that we have come to rely on. From bountiful harvests to family and friends, there is plenty for which to give thanks. In addition to all of these things, this year we are thankful for several enterprise-level advancements that encourage productivity, security and innovation.

Empowered Employees

Forrester’s new book gained some serious traction this year, as it outlined the very ways technologically savvy employees are finding ways to use devices commonly available to them in their personal lives, to improve productivity professionally.

Thanks to their advanced skills and a desire to tweak and improve current workflow processes, empowered employees are proving to be invaluable to the future of organizations. If ignored, companies risk more than just employee loyalty.

By demanding more of those in charge, both employees and those they serve (customers) have more leverage than ever before, with which they advance companies technologically and socially within the marketplace.

The Mobile Workforce

Those who work in far off places, whether at the local coffee shop, their kitchen table or from planes, trains or automobiles, have seen the way they work improve dramatically during the past year. 

From wifi in Times Square, to the availability and affordability of smartphones and tablet devices and the wonders of cloud computing, working outside the office is not just convenient, it’s a productive way to work while keeping information secure.

As apps abound, mobile security issues do too. And while there still isn’t a magic bullet to prevent sensitive information from leaking, there are many solutions aimed at helping people keep better track of their information and documents.

Web Engagement Management

Combine an evolving web with savvy customers and you get companies who have a growing need to engage audiences like never before. It used to be that all you needed was a website. Now, it’s not enough to have just one channel through which to reach customers.

Learning Opportunities

Web, mobile, social and digital assets are all factors for multi-channel engagement. Because it can be expensive to effectively engage across all channels, companies are learning to evaluate their efforts through multi-variate testing, social media monitoring or usability testing. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. With so many platforms, companies are wise to choose the ones that make sense for them and their customers.

Community Building & Findability

Information managers know that they don’t know half of what they should. With many companies and their workers operating on a need to know basis, sharing hasn’t been a common or celebrated skill within the enterprise. However, that’s changing.

Thanks to a struggling economy and a streamlined workforce, sharing information has become more important than ever. Not only does it help breed innovation and productivity, it also builds communities. But sharing information goes much deeper than working together; it also relies on the searchability and findability of information.

What good is information if you can’t find it? Learning how to correctly classify, tag and archive information is just half the battle. The other half is implementing systems that make it easy to search, find and share.

Paying it Forward

These enterprise initiatives have not just inspired productivity, they have helped companies work smarter, not harder. Companies need not get complacent however. These advancements will continue to evolve, making it essential for organizations to stay current and strategic in their approach to integrate new technologies and processes.

We are thankful that these advancements are being welcomed, but even more, we are most thankful for the opportunity to share them with you. Happy Thanksgiving.