The solutions Gmail labs kicks out tend to be either hit or miss (have you noticed the one called Mail Goggles that keeps users  from drunk e-mailing?). Fortunately, it looks like the two added yesterday will make make the cut. 

Nested Labels

Finally! The equivalent of sub-folders! You can now organize your labels hierarchically by heading over to your Gmail Labs page and enabling the Nested Labels feature. Unfortunately, it's not as easy as drag-and-drop like we assumed, but the process isn't brain surgery either. 

In my case, I want a "CMSWire" parent label, and inside of that label I'd like to nest a "Financial" and"PR" label. To do that, I'd create labels with the following names: 




I can take it a step further by adding another label like "CMSWire/Financial/Invoices" --which, come to think of it, I probably will. Gmail users can either create brand new labels or rename existing ones in this fashion and it will create the drop-downs, but it's important to make sure the label names aren't hidden or it won't work properly (I had to un-hide a couple of labels after renaming them and then sign out and back in). 

Sneak Peek

For you Gmail veterans out there, Sneak Peek is a lot niftier than the old Inbox Preview feature. With Sneek Peek you can preview any message in your inbox--read or unread--simply by right-clicking it. The preview pane will display part of the message, as well as buttons for scrolling through the thread--if there is one--and a couple for archiving and deleting: 







Gmail Labs Nesting Labels and Sneak Peek


Go play. If anything, you'll appreciate the screen real estate hierarchical labels save you, and being able to check messages without actually opening them is always handy. Head over to Gmail's official announcement for more info, and come back and let us know what you think.