This week Google added a feature that lets you drag images directly from your desktop and drop them into the body of your e-mail. It sounds nifty, but we found a few hiccups. 

The feature works just like you'd expect it to--you just grab the images from your computer and drag them into the Gmail composition screen:

Gmail drag-and-drop (image credit: Stephen Shankland/CNET

The main issue is screen real estate. If your images live in a folder in your computer, opening it generally takes up your entire screen. Therefore, in order to pull these images from a folder and plant them in your Gmail, you have to resize both the folder window and the browser (see the image above). It's a small complaint, but come on, we're spoiled. Since when do actions as elementary as attaching photos take any kind of finesse? 

Moreover, the feature only works in Chrome, bug Google's official blog post says that it will  be coming to other browsers soon. 

This addition fosters the movement toward HTML5 and once again puts Google in the pioneer's chair. It's available starting yesterday, so if you're so inclined, open up Gmail (in chrome and in the Rich Text setting) and have at it.