Go Mobile with SharePoint and CorasWorks

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Go Mobile with SharePoint and CorasWorks
CorasWorks (news, site) gets deep into the mobile solutions market with the release of a number of mobile apps for SharePoint.


With a growing mobile workforce, most vendors are prepping their solutions to be accessible via smartphone. Some are specific to the iPhone, iPad, the Blackberry. Others are more generic applications that can work across any mobile device that supports browser access.

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Mobile Enabled Applications

CoraWorks is just the latest in a long list of these vendors. The have chosen to mobile-enable a number of their existing applications for SharePoint. They've said this is just the start and here's the list:

  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Help Desk
  • Knowledge Base v2 (This is actually a third party application built on CorasWorks platform)


CorasWorks PPM Mobile Interface

It's important to note that these applications provide both read and write capabilities, so you are interacting with the applications just the same as you would if you were on a desktop.

The CorasWorks Mobile Adaptor

All applications that are mobile enabled are done so using CorasWorks' new Mobile Adaptor. The adaptor is server side software that sits on each SharePoint front end web server. You need this adaptor to both view the mobile enabled applications and mobile enable any of your custom CorasWorks applications.

Learning Opportunities

Interesting to note that the CorasWorks Mobile Adaptor leverages H3 Solution's Mobile Entrée platform. You may remember we covered Mobile Entrée in the past, including their announcement in March stating their support for SharePoint 2010 and the new BCS (Business Connectivity Services). The Mobile Entree software is embedded directly into the CorasWorks solution via a partnership with H3 Solutions.

Need to Find What Mobile Apps Are Available?

In order to find what CorasWorks applications are actually mobile-enabled, CorasWorks developed the Mobile Gateway (CMG). The CMG is a site template that provides a list of applications that are enabled. This is not an application, but is available from the CorasWorks community as an unsupported template. You can read more about how it works, or watch the video below: 

CorasWorks mobile apps will work any mobile device that has a browser and supports Javascript 1.1 or higher. There's no client side software required, but the Mobile Adaptor will cost you US$3000 for each front end web server in your SharePoint farm. Note that to use the Mobile Adaptor, you also need the CorasWorks Data Integration Toolset 1.6.

You can access the list of CorasWorks Mobile Apps here and get more information on the Mobile Adaptor here. These solutions will work for both SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010.