Mobile Entrée Now Supports SharePoint 2010, BCS and a Lot More
H3 Solutions, creator of Mobile Entrée (news, site), a mobile application framework for SharePoint, has announced some new capabilities which include support for the upcoming SharePoint 2010 and its new Business Connectivity Services.

Building Mobile Apps for SharePoint

We introduced you to Mobile Entree in June of last year. It's a server side plug-in for SharePoint that will let you access your SharePoint data from a number of smartphones.


Mobile Application Framework

Version 1.3 Updates

The latest release of the framework -- version 1.3 -- brings even better enterprise application integration capabilities when SharePoint 2010 arrives at your door. Actually, it supports the current release candidate for SharePoint 2010, so you can start developing now.

What's new in 1.3 other than support for SharePoint 2010:

  • List paging -- The mobile device now uses the list setting defined in the view
  • Enhanced search results -- More detailed information is now displayed so you don't just see a list of Titles
  • Full Site Toggle -- A cookie-based system allows a user/device to be ignored by the HTTP  Module and you can

Supporting Mobile with SharePoint 2010

The primary reason for version 1.3 was to provide early support for SharePoint 2010. Support for SharePoint 2010's new Business Connectivity Services is a welcome addition to the functionality list that will enable true enterprise applications reaching out via mobile devices.

At the SharePoint Conference in Vegas last year, Microsoft did announce support for mobile devices in SharePoint 2010, and not just for their own smartphone. In addition, SharePoint is supposed to play an important role in the new Windows Phone 7 series' OfficeHub. OfficeHub will let you sync documents between your PC and your phone and includes SharePoint for collaboration.

So it looks like SharePoint and mobile are getting friendlier by the day. Something we are definitely looking into to provide you more details.