If your organization uses Google Apps, and is struggling with migrating employees on multiple domains, Big G has a solution for you: multi-domain support. 

Traditionally, f you or your company had several domains, a separate Google Apps account for each of them was needed. As of today, that's no longer the case.

Support for multiple domains comes to users in form of a new admin control within Google Apps that allows organizations to manage all domains utilizing Apps from a single control panel. While users under different domains within the organization get to keep their domain-specific e-mail addresses, they'll still be able to see coworkers from other domains in the organizations global address book. 

Furthermore, users can share across domains in Google Docs, Sites and the rest of Google Apps



Happy users of multi-domain support include Matt Vandenbush, director of IT strategy and architecture at Brady Corporation, who said, "Multi-domain support in Google Apps lets us administer our entire organization from one central place. Considering that we have users on 88 different domains, this is a big time-saver for our IT department, and it lets employees from different parts of our organization share information much more seamlessly than before.”

This feature is immediately available to Premier and Education edition users for free.