We've seen Buzz attempt to get back on the horse over the last couple months. Google fixed their privacy goofs, implemented a double reminder of user settings, and now it appears the company is about to take a shot at the enterprise. Nervous? Yeah, so are a lot of other people.  

Buzz in Enterprise Gmail

Despite the bad press, all the suing, and the general outrage from users, Mike Bradshaw, Google's head of federal sales, reported that Google plans to start plugging Buzz into enterprise versions of Gmail over the next few months (sold to agencies and other organizations). After that, adding new functions to the enterprise app would be the next logical step.

Naturally, many users out there are still wary--something Bradshaw lightly addressed at a cloud-computing conference on Monday:

"We got a bit of a ding by the press," he said. "Fortunately we were able to correct it and in four days changed the policies."


Not many seem to be on the edge of their seats in anticipation, and we can't say we're surprised. Debates over whether or not we should bake social media and cloud-based models into the workforce have been raging, and Google Buzz has become a prime example of why it's a bad idea.

Privacy issues are at the top of the list of things to worry about when it comes to federal agencies--information must be protected in a cloud-computing environment. And though we're sure Google has gone to great lengths to ensure that Buzz never has a single privacy issue ever again, it may be too late for damage control. Backpedaling just doesn't cut it in the enterprise.

Meanwhile, other companies like Amazon and Salesforce.com are ramping up their own solutions for the cloud-computing market. Just this morning Salesforce.com CEO Marc Benioff unveiled Sales Cloud 2, the new version of their platform. The solution incorporates Chatter, a Facebook and Twitter-like tool that not only allows user updates into the feed, but document and deal updates as well.

We expect to see even stronger efforts from Google if they want to convince their enteprise Gmail users that Buzz is not only safe, but the best choice for socializing the work place.