Google Docs Adds Drag-and-Drop Uploads

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Over the holiday break, many of us found ourselves giving thanks to Google for two new features that promise to save you time and give you more room to work: drag-and-drop upload and compact controls. 

Drag and Drop Uploads

Google recently rolled out a nifty drag-and-drop feature specifically for image insertion. The functionality was taken a step further last week when it was extended to the file upload page, making moving documents to the cloud even easier for Google users:

Google Docs drag-and-drop uploads

This feature is immediately available to all those using Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

Plenty of other applications currently offer drag-and-drop uploads, but this late-in-the-game addition complements the Internet giant's push to get everything off the desktop (a.k.a. out of Microsoft Office).

Learning Opportunities

Other related moves include the announcement of Google Cloud Connect, a plugin which allows users to operate the Office interface with Google Docs features. Once installed, a new ribbon will appear toward the top of the Office UI, linking the document you’re currently working on (in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel) to its twin in Google Docs:


Compact Controls

Meanwhile, the new Google Docs compact controls feature can be found in the editor. Now save screen space by hiding the title bar above the editor by choosing View -> Compact controls, or by pressing Ctrl Shift F (Cmd Shift F on Macs):

Google Docs compact controls