In what appears to be another jab at Microsoft, Google today announced a solution for migrating data over to Google Apps if your administrators aren't planning on doing it themselves. 

Built for end-users, Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Outlook moves e-mail, calendar and contact data from Outlook profiles, PST files and Exchange accounts straight to Google Apps: 

Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Outlook

The tool is a follow-up to administrator-managed migration tools for Microsfot Exchange and Lotus Notes

" we're making it a lot easier for many end-users to move their old data themselves if their administrators aren’t planning server-side data migrations," explained  Abhishek Bapna, Google Apps Product Manager, in Google's official announcement


As we've noted before, it seems that the majority of Google's recent moves spell hard times for Microsoft. Although it's worth it to mention that MS has been doing quite well with the release of Office 2010, and their recent upgrade of Office Live to SkyDrive turned quite a few heads. 

Meanwhile, Google is determined. If their revamping of Google Docs to include lots of new enterprise-y features wasn't enough, their open letter to users the day MS Office 2010 was released was: 

This week Microsoft will take its Office 2010 suite out of beta. If you’re considering upgrading Office with Office, we’d encourage you to consider an alternative: upgrading Office with Google Docs. If you choose this path, upgrade means what it’s supposed to mean: effortless, affordable, and delivering a remarkable increase in employee productivity. This is a refreshing alternative to the expensive and laborious upgrades to which IT professionals have become accustomed.

Moreover, several new announcements from Google I/O made the e2.0 headlines, including the return of Wave, Google Storage for Developers (more of an Amazon competitor), a business edition of Google Apps.