Hashable's Redesign Looks Towards Private Business Mgmt

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Hashable's Redesign Looks Towards Private Business Mgmt
Team Hashable (news, site) quietly switched up their mobile business contact app this week. The redesign tightens the reins a bit by making a private approach the default setting. 

Tracking Relationships Publicly and Privately

Originally designed to be a public business card replacement system, the new and improved application has turned onto a private path for professionals.

As a refresher (or for all you new comers) Its main functions include: 

  • Post (and share) who you meet with and introduce
  • Show an accurate network of who you connect with the most
  • Dynamic 'relationship book' updated with everyone you meet
  • Discover new people by seeing who your friends are meeting
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The app can still be used in the same manner it originally was, but rather than encourage users to broadcast each meeting Hashable has set the default to private.

Other adjustments place the hash button front and center, encouraging you to record your meetings. You can also add private notes about contacts and set up reminders within your calendar.

Learning Opportunities

Further, the address book now lists people in reverse chronological order, based on your most recent interactions with them, and it's reportedly easier to send follow-up e-mails or Tweets right from the app.

More Privacy, Less Broadcasting

“The service has really morphed into a mobile CRM,” explained CEO Michael Yavonditte. “Our heaviest users preferred more privacy, less broadcasting.”

Though Hashable has seen steady growth since hitting the market, the company currently only has about 60,000 active users. The redesign is obviously a push into the profession or "more serious" pool, where the team might find greater success. 

Though it's an understandable move, it's interesting considering how open and social and yadda yadda, share share, bla bla everything seems to be these days. Could this be a sign that we're going to see more companies returning to the old way (or, at least incorporating more of it)? Let us know what you think. 

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