Have Fun at Work with FMYI's Facebook-like Application
For My Innovation (FMYI) stepped into the ring to duke it out with fellow social solutions for the enterprise (think Socialtext) six versions ago, but this is the first time they've popped up on our radar.

In addition to some delightful, tree-hugging values, the FMYI package includes several features that are common in enterprise-level tools: a calendar, news feed, workspaces, the ability to post and share text, links, files, events and tasks, etc. Like its predecessors, version 6 of the app claims to go beyond work needs, but this time the company aims to make it fun. 

Introducing FMYI

Like a growing number of companies, FMYI spawned from the frustration caused by  using traditional e-mail to keep work teams on the same page. But FMYI claims to be less complicated than your run-of-the-mill project management tool, and more cost-effective too.

Since 2004 the Portland-based company has been tirelessly working to offer clean design, speed and intuitive functionality. In version 6, users can begin enjoying the benefits of FMYI via three simple practices:

Love Thy Inbox

Project management generally means you can forget about filtering through related e-mails. In FMYI, he latest uploads from your team are shown on a mutual workspace, which allows each participant to exercise control in the collaboration process. E-mail alerts keep individuals up to date, and because all files, messages, links and events appear on your FMYI feed, you can either hang on to them or read and delete to keep it clean. 


FMYI Activity Manager

Action Jackson

Does the look and feel remind you of Facebook? You're not alone; FMYI president Justin Yeun says he's been asked multiple times if the solution is like Facebook for the office. His response: "In your personal life it's good to be in the loop, but in business being current can make the difference between failure and success."

We're going to take that as yes, it's like Facebook for the office. 

But that's cool because it means FMYI encourages work teams to take action in a fun environment. Users can manage projects, track sales prospects, collaborate with clients, build a library and create databases. 




Be a Social Butterfly

If it looks like a social network and feels like a social network, you should treat it like a social network. Since part of FMYI's goal is to encourage heaps of work by basing projects in an environment that we think of as fun, you may as well have some actual fun. While you're accessing everything project-related through the app, feel free to post a fun message or two and spruce up your profile. 


  FMYI Profile Page

Love Thy Neighboring Forest

In addition to some good looking collaboration, FMYI is also on an environmental tip. The company focuses heavily on minimizing their footprint, and points out ways in which their helping save the trees has been a part of their process from the very beginning:

Recycling: Reduce, reuse and recycle is reportedly a corporate mantra. A Recycle at Work partner,
FMYI is also a tenant of the Leftbank Project, which incorporated green building principles in its renovation.
Procurement: FMYI utilizes paperless collaboration on FMYI, computers rated at least silver through EPEAT, business cards from Pinball Publishing, and office products from Green Home. 
Employees: Every employee goes through Natural Step training and can take advantage of volunteer opportunities during the workday.

Big Names, Little Money

The company certainly has some great goals and what is seemingly a ton of moral fiber. Big names like HBO, Sony, Nike and Hyatt Hotels have already jumped on FMYI's wagon, and perhaps you too will find something worth paying for. Or, not paying for. 

FMYI offers a limited free plan, as well as Lite, Plus and Pro accounts which are available from US$ 25 to US$ 150 per month. Additionally, bigger businesses can call to discuss individual needs.

Check them out here